Marc Copland: Better By Far
April 17, 2017
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Marc Copland got his start in jazz in New York City as a sometimes plugged-in alto saxophonist,
working with drummer Chico Hamilton's Quartet, and releasing an overlooked album, Friends
(Oblivion Records, 1973) featuring his own quartet. Then he went away, and came back as a pianist,
and has since shaped himself into one of finest jazz piano guys around, an artist with a supple touch,
a feel for intricately gorgeous melodies and a deep immersion into complex harmonies.
In 2015, after a fruitful career that shifted from one record label to another, Copland started his own
Inner Voice Records, and offered up the maiden release, Zenith (2015), a quartet affair with
Ralph Alessi on trumpet, with bassist Drew Gress and drummer Joey Baron rounding out the rhythm section.
The year 2017 finds Copland offering up his second release on the label, Better By Far, a reconvening the Zenith quartet. The
music consists of three group improvisations, five Copland compositions, and a Thelonious Monk tune, "Evidence."
Two of Copland's most significant teamings over the years have been with guitarist John Abercrombie, and now with trumpeter
Alessi. Where Copland's brush paints sound with a developed delicacy of touch, shimmering chords, and gorgeous, amorphous
shapings, Alessi uses brighter colors and sharper edges. Especially edgy are the group improvisations, like "Mr. DJ," that opens
with Baron's soft drum whispers, joined by Alessi's stabs of metallic notes, Copland's percussive ruminations. "Twister" is a more
fluid, more introspective, darker-toned piece that builds momentum along the way.
Speaking of dark tones, the Copland-penned "Gone Now," has a pensive, melancholy mood similar to that of Gershwin's "Gone,
Gone, Gone," from the masterpiece, Porgy And Bess (1938).
"Room Enough For Stars" floats. It's a beautiful ballad like only Copland can write, featuring Alessi in a patient laying down of the
melody, and a piquant bass turn by Gress; while Thelonious Monk's "Evidence" finds the group in a more playful mood—an
energetic romp that stretches the Monkian angularity with an appealing malleability.
With Better By Far Marc Copland and Company continue to create the highest level of jazz.
Track Listing: Day And Night; Better By Far; Mr. DJ; Gone Now; Twister; Room Enough For Stars; Evidence; Dark Passage; Who
Said Swing?
Personnel: Marc Copland: piano; Ralph Alessi: trumpet; Drew Gress: bass; Joey Baron: drums.
Year Released: 2017 | Record Label: Innervoice Jazz | Style: Modern Jazz