NIGHTFALL Marc Copland Solo Piano

Marc Copland - ZENITH

Featured Artists

Marc Copland                Piano

Ralph Alessi                   Trumpet

Drew Gress                    Double Bass

Joey Baron                     Drums


 Track List

 1. Sun at the Zenith                   8:26

    (Marc Copland)

 2. Mystery Song                         9:16

    (Duke Ellington)

 3. Air we've never breathed    14:00

     I The Bass knows

     II Up and Over

    III  Lips


 4. Waterfalls                              7:54

    (Marc Copland)

 5. Best Bet                                 9:10

     (Marc Copland)

 6. Hurricane                            10:39

     (Marc Copland)

Photo: Robin Verheyen
Photo: Robin Verheyen